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We are Outline


Outline is a young, creative design and animation studio based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

We believe that every idea is unique and special; we do our best to reflect this in our work and make something worth watching.

So whether you're a big brand or a start-up with a revolutionary new concept, we're here to tell your story.



But why animation?

Animation captures the eye, whether it's sophisticated design with elegant motion or flashy attention grabbing colours.

There is no limit in what you can create; you can take your product apart in 3D and re-assemble it or have a character use your product in 2D. All without having to hire an expensive crew with cameras, who probably have to go outside, can you imagine?

You can also use animation as a visual effects tool in live-action video. For example to highlight your product with an outline, accents or floating text. You could also add helicopters and explosion, it's your product, we won't judge.

Animation is the best solution if you want to easily explain something or make your branding more engaging to your audience. The choice is yours.



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