We are Outline


The handsome fellow on the left is Chris. Chris has been in the creative industry for a while now. He has already worked with brands like Mountain Dew, Pepsi and T-Mobile (some of which we still work with). Now he's with Outline, making animations for tons of other cool people and brands all around the world.

Right next to Chris is me, Camiel. I founded Outline in 2016 right after I graduated and have been working on my skills and growing the studio ever since. Animation and design runs through my veins. I've worked with a lot of start-ups and small businesses who gave me the freedom to make every project my own.

We've known each other since the second year of animation school, when we finished our internship we promised each other that we'd start an animation studio together. Now we're here, making that promise a reality.


If you want to know more or just feel like getting to know us, we're always up for a cup of coffee.


Our talent


Sammy is a great guy, both as a person and as a creative. The three of us were good friends back in animation class, after we graduated we each went off to chase our own dreams. A few years later we met each other along the way and it immediately clicked again. We decided that combining our strengths would lead to an even better future.

 3D is his game, and he is good at it; he is very dedicated and always goes the extra mile to make something good into something better.

Plus he makes everybody laugh, very important.